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Natasha Wright
Catering and Events Director
Volare Italian Ristorante

 Natasha Wright has been in the restaurant business for the better part of two decades. After spending her childhood in Kentucky, Wright moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, where she began working at a family-owned Cajun restaurant. Some twenty years later Wright has found herself in the ideal restaurant environment. When asked her favorite cuisine, Wright is quick to answer: “Hands down, Italian.”

 In 2012 Wright joined the Volare team as a food runner, and her love for the community-centered Louisville locale would ultimately keep her at Volare for the long term. Wright is proud to be a part of the Volare team, one she considers to be tight-knit and focused on success. “I feel that it is because of this camaraderie,” she explains, “that we can continue to provide great food and service to our patrons.”

 As the Catering and Events Coordinator for Volare, Wright creates timeless celebrations and gatherings centered around Volare’s delicious food.

  Wright’s long history in restaurants means she knows how to plan and deliver an event that inspires. It starts with the one-of-a-kind food offerings at Volare. “I have worked at Volare for six years,” Wright notes, “and I would still choose to eat here every day.”

 Wright currently resides in Middletown, Kentucky, with her seven-year-old daughter, Ellington.

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